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I find that I’m focused on travel today with our trip to Buenos Aires just 62 days away. I keep thinking about what we have to do before we go. I’m also trying to put together the videos I recorded in Venice hoping to capture some of the feeling but struggling with the video software. It may be another week before I pull that off. It might also be never.

For today, I’ve captured some posts from bloggers about cities I’ve visited or plan to visit. Those posts put a more personal touch to those far away places.

Buenos Aires 

First an overview of Buenos Aires from two world travelors who spend 91 days exploring a place before moving on. Buenos Aires was so good they want to come back.

 “What an incredible city Buenos Aires is! Hectic, loud, intense, packed with culture, drowning in its own history. Before arriving, we knew that we might be overwhelmed: so many museums and buildings to visit, restaurants to fatten ourselves at, neighborhoods to explore. What we didn’t expect was the warmth and hospitality of its people. ..”


This next post is from a Baltimore woman who has made her home in Venice for five years. I was following her posts just before our trip last March when Venice was freezing.

“Che Freddo!!!!  We have been having incredible COLD days here over the past week. So cold that the lagoon has frozen over, and the Grand Canal and even the smaller canals have ice on them. “


Finally this post brought back memories of the last time I was in Rome (1966). I still have nightmares about crossing a Roman street.

“Walking home the other day, I panicked when I was about to cross the street and did a 180 back onto the curb.

This used to happen a lot more often because I was/am  terrified of Roman traffic ‘rules’.”

Finally a video showing what is apparently a common experience in Buenos Aires. Street Tango.

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  • Natalie October 4, 2012, 9:35 pm

    Thanks so much for linking to my post and for sharing all the other wonderful blogs. Happy travels!
    Natalie’s last Blog Post ..Lady 2000

    • Ralph October 5, 2012, 9:03 am

      You are very welcome. We will be in Rome next June so meanwhile we are cataloging all the ideas for that wonderful month.

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