The Argentine Experience

Haven’t got time to organize my thoughts  just now.  This lifestyle traveling is something else.  It it nothing like taking the limosine to The Ritz Carlton and waving at the bar  attendant from poolside.  Just got back from a small excursion to see an incredible water storage facility that looks like a palace.  The  SubTe (subway) on the  way down was as light on passengers as we have  seen  yet but coming back in rush hour was like a sardine can.  Stopped to get coffee and a lemon pie (similar to ours  but sweeter and gooier  than ours).  Now we are back in the  apartment for a dinner of leftovers (pizza, a sandwich and some steak  from a parilla dinner). With a nice Malbec  it will be a  mello evening in the old apartment.  At the cafe we watched news about a massacre in Connecticut.  We could translate  some of the headlines.  It was otherworldly.

That’s enough for now.  I will just post some pictures.

Christmas Tree in the park near Casa Rosada



Calatrava bridge in Puerto Madera

Pont de las Mujeres

BA likes underwear

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