Back in Action

It’s been a long hiatus from blogging.  How do I explain and why am I back?  Not sure that I know but touching base with my blog is a step on the way.

In theory, all is well with me my family and my life.  Instead of reveling in a good life and enjoying the trip, I find myself dissatisfied and critical.  I am conscious of  all the imperfections in my decisions and as a result, hesitant about moving on.  One constant in my life is a need to be perfect and make the right choices.  I have struggled before and moved on with less than perfect actions which turned out ok.  It seems that I can’t learn that lesson however and continue to struggle.

It has been over a year since our last trip to Florence.  Deterioration of both knees (bone on bone joint action) caused me to reconsider knee replacement surgery which I had dismissed.  I discovered that this surgery is quite refined and the recovery is quick and changed my mind last summer.  The first knee was replaced in September and I was so pleased that I scheduled the second in December.

My knees are trouble free by now although full healing will take a few more months.  Originally I expected that we would be ready for travel in March,  My body, however,  has been telling me otherwise.  It seems that fixing my knees and the bad posture that resulted from the knee problems has caused my back to complain.  I have good support from a personal trainer but I still lack the feeling of recovery that I need to schedule a trip.  I want to feel good before committing but something tells me that I need to move forward.

Thinking about this sticking point brought me back to blogging.  There is clarification in putting my mental gymnastics into words.  I hope that my mission and path will come clear as I journal the endeavor.

So that is why I am back.  There are, of course, more details and issues in my life but those can wait for later.  I need to be moving right now and posting this report puts me on record.

Back from France

It is one week since we returned from France.  The jetlag is over.  I’ve gone through the mail.  Now I’m trying to get life back on schedule.  My book about One Month Travel is published on Amazon. But there is still work to do.  I need some tweeks like a table of contents and a page asking for reviews and I think that there are still a few typos to edit.  The content is  complete but the professional polish might be deficient.  I need to complile a summary of the France trip ad our lessons.  This trip, in many ways, broke out of our pattern and as might be expected there are plusses and minuses.  Finally it is time to step up the marketing for my book and for the concept of One Month Travel.  Time’s a wasting.


Reporting from France.

This won’t be a full post, more a quick note with an update on our travel status.  We are in France.  It is wondeful but different from our expectations.  We enjoy the off-season benefits of no crowds, easy parking and carefree driving (even as I adjust to a  stick  shift after many years away.  But we also miss the activity and bustle of the tourist season a little.

Entertainment at the Christmas Fair

Entertainment at the Christmas Fair

I have posted reflections on my other sites and pictures on my Facebook page.  France surprised us but not in unpleasant ways,  It seems I even manage to miss home, in the form of Starbucks.

Today we are visiting the town market- which is not in the historic fortress city – to prepare for Christmas  Day.  Christmas Day is always complicated because we never know what will be open.  We plan a quiet day at home with perhaps a walk  or  two  to check out Christmas festivities, maybe even a late night Mass on Christmas Eve.

The French are wonderful hosts.  They display none of the hostility I remember from my visit to Paris 40  years ago.  They don’t pretend to be anything but proud of  their nationality and don’t compromise for tourists but they are gracious and friendly hosts.  We can’t complain, except for the lack of coffee bars.