Do you want to create a family legacy?

Will you continue to influence people after you die?

Many people have modest goals for their retirement. They want enough money to live comfortably and provide their basic needs and maybe a few splurges. Others have grander plans. They want to create a legacy. They want to leave something that establishes that they made a difference. There can be many kinds of legacies. One way is to create a charity that provides assistance to people with a disease or disabling condition. Another might be a scholarship fund for needy students. Your charity might fund an activity that your like and want to encourage. Those are all wonderful ways to ensure that your influence continues beyond your lifetime but there is another kind of legacy which focuses on your family, creating experiences for your children and grandchildren that define unique events and relationships that are part of your family and make it special.

Creating a legacy takes more than money.

The more money you have, the more elaborate the details of your legacy can be. You could own a family compound where everyone can gather on special occasions or use for their own special times. You could host a family cruise or resort vacation. You can pay for private schooling for your grandchildren or fund their travel or special dreams. Money is always a good thing and the more you have, the more you can make your legacy special but don’t forget that money alone will not make the legacy you want. If you have the wrong attitude; If you are unpleasant to be around; If you put strings on every gesture and gift and want your own glorification; then your legacy will be negative and no amount of money can change it.

Who you are and not how much you have.

You can still create a family legacy without having a lot of money because the real family legacy is not spending lots of money on things and places. The legacy that matters is wonderful memories of family gatherings, love and generosity. You start by investing your time finding out what your children and grandchildren really think and what is important to them. Knowing what their goals in life are and helping them on their way – maybe not with money but with emotional and spiritual support and encouragement is what really matters and what will truly create your legacy..

Maintaining Life Balance in Retirement

I want to make some wonderful memories for my family. I want to grow my income to provide the ability to do some spectacular things with them. All the same, I need to remember that what really matters to my family is not how much money I can spend on them but how much I love them. This means some serious effort to make myself a better person and learn more ways to show my love. It all comes back to the three train wrecks and making sure that there is a balance in the social, financial and health areas if my life. Success and leaving a family legacy is built upon a balance in these areas. I have to work on all three areas but when it comes down to it, I can have good health and plenty of money but without friends and family my retirement is empty.

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  • Steve Scott Site July 20, 2010, 1:26 pm

    I think that “average” people are unable to leave their family a huge sum of money when they die, but you’re right when you say that there are ways to leave a legacy without spending a lot of money. You can always create memories for your relatives by taking a lot of photographs and videos. There can be records of “major events” like family vacations and photos of what your life was like on normal days. I think that blogs are a good way to do all of that, but regular old photo albums and scrapbooks are good too.
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  • Ralph July 20, 2010, 2:11 pm

    That is an exultant point that I completel missed. A family blog can be a great legacy.

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