Why do I hate my Home Owners Association – Part 2

The Palm Gambit.

My Pindo Palm

Round two of my tussle with my HOA started when I decided that a nice large potted plant or two would make a nice effect at the entrance to my entry courtyard. I have three large palms which I raised from pups and hauled up from out old house in LA four years ago. They are about 4 feet tall in their pots and have a very nice presence. Given the slightly Spanish flavor of my house, I thought they would be just the thing.

They looked great.. but only to me. Six months later they HOA noticed.. and they were not pleased.

This time the letter informed me that I had violated the ‘forbidden plant’ clause of the rules. Palms, it seems, are not permitted anywhere in the community with one exception. They are permitted in pots that are not visible from the street. I would be permitted to keep my babies if I moved them out of sight – like the back yard. This time I didn’t mess around because I knew that the HOA would stand their ground. They already knew I was a wimp. The palms moved to the back yard where they can still find refuge and I am a relatively free man.

Still I wasn’t giving up. I must have some rights in my front yard, don’t you think?

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