What is your definition of Finishing Strong?

The Retirement
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Retirement: the end or the beginning?

I shared my vision about finishing strong a few weeks back.I opened up about how I view my life in the home stretch and what I want to make of it.   It wasn’t  that I think you will share my vision about what that means. I wanted to start a dialogue with others that are entering the final laps in their life. Are you content to coast to the finish? Or do you want to pick up the pace, pull out the stops and cross that line in a blaze of glory? Now that blaze of glory may look different to you.  Maybe it won’t look like a blaze of glory to some but to you it means that you invested your time in making the final chapters in your life story the best ones.

But what does finishing strong mean to you?

If that is you then, I want to know what that means for you. I opened up about how I view my life in the home stretch. I know for me it doesn’t mean 24-7 drudgery. I want to be enjoying the world and my family, making memories and building a legacy. For me that includes building a community of like minded people and making some money. Your idea may be completely different but if you don’t want your last years to dribble away,  we can help each other.  We may not agree on our goals or activities but we will share the vision of finishing strong.

Share your finishing strong vision

Does finishing strong mean a second income to supplement your retirement? Are you looking for a vehicle to make that second income happen without requiring  a full time job?

Does finishing strong mean becoming a part of an organization that helps the needy, supports activities you enjoy and makes the world a better place?

Does finishing strong mean using the resources you have built to explore the world and its beauty, make memories for your family and leave a legacy?

Does finishing strong mean learning all you can about healthy aging and doing everything you can to stay healthy and vital to the end?

Join the community

Whatever finishing strong may mean for you, share it in the comments. Join the mailing list.  Come back and participate.  You may be thinking that you want all of the above.  That is ok.  I know exactly how you feel.  But pick one area and get started on the adventure.  We all start with baby steps.  But we do have to start.

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  • John Soares June 28, 2010, 11:29 am

    Ralph, I just turned 50. I’m fortunate to have quite good health and only a few gray hairs.

    My plan for the remainder of my life is to stay as healthy as possible and enjoy myself as much as possible. That means working a lot less and doing a lot more.
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  • Ralph June 28, 2010, 12:01 pm

    Good for you. Like the work less idea a lot.

  • Ryan Hanzel June 28, 2010, 12:40 pm


    I may not near the finishing laps in my life (I hope not) and though I am only 25. I want to be able to successfully have the option to relax and coast to the finish line sometime in my forties. That don’t mean I want to, I think pursuing other goals and just stacking up more bullets until the end. I tell this to my wife and others, in my after life I want to brag about what I have done. Not regret.
    Ryan Hanzel’s last Blog Post ..The importance of interaction and loyalty

    • Ralph June 28, 2010, 12:43 pm

      One thing to remember is that you can start the finishing anytime you want by designing your lifestyle and then making it happen. Your finish may be long and great.

  • Mrs.Davis January 3, 2018, 2:24 am

    My strong finish is drawing closer to christ, not giving up on things I go through in my life loving myself and others helping others and encouraging others to fight to the finish by faith I can.

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