Sunday Funnies – Reader Question

Attention Sunday Funnies Readers.  No post today, just a question.  Do you enjoy this Sunday feature at RCB?  My intent was to provide a bit of Sunday diversion for readers, lighthearted images or videos to entertain.  Since I don’t get many comments here it is hard to know what my readers may think.  If it is something that you enjoy and check regularly, then it is doing what I hoped.  If not, it is diverting me from more important tasks.  Your response here in the form of comments will help me decide.  If I get enough encouragement, then Sunday Funnies will continue as a regular feature.  If not, it will become an irregular item when I happen to see something I enjoy and want to share.

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  • Ralph July 1, 2010, 8:24 am

    I guess I have the answer. Good By Sunday Funnies.

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