So What do you think of you?

First Impressions Count

Its not a frivolous question.  We all make snap judgments about people in our lives and it is particularly important the first time you meet a new person.  What you see tells you what that person thinks about himself.  Does he care about his appearance?  What impression is he trying to make?

I am still reading The Magic of Thinking Big which is so full of simple and powerful suggestions for becoming a success. There is the physical aspect – your dress, your demeanor but there is also your mental attitude.  You need to dress like a successful person and act like a successful person but unless you believe that you are – or deserve to be- a successful person, you will never pull it off.

Don’t be Negative

It is so easy to emphasize negatives.  How many times have you persuaded yourself that you are inadequate for whatever task you face and then proved your inadequacy with poor performance?  How many times have you watched someone with less knowledge, experience and judgment get the recognition while you get ignored?  It may be that you demonstrate by your actions that you don’t believe in you.  If you truly believe that you are inadequate, then get whatever training you need to become adequate but if the truth is that you are guilty of talking yourself down, then stop and begin building yourself up.

Talk yourself up

Give yourself a motivational talk before beginning a task that challenges you.  Spend a few minutes telling yourself how competent and qualified you are for recognition and success at your task. Put your unconscious mind on the job in your behalf.  If you tell it that you are a success, it will direct your actions and behaviors to make it true.

Take Responsibility

It is so easy to look for some outside circumstance to be the problem that keeps us from success.  It feels better to make an excuse so that we can refuse to take responsibility but it leaves us in a bad situation.  We don’t have what we want and we don’t have any power to change that situation.  Do what successful people do and take responsibility for it all.  You are the one that creates the problem with negative thinking projecting a negative image.  And you are th one who can turn it to success by telling yourself about your success and projecting that success into your appearance and demeanor.

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