Site Visitor Report for October 2010

Another month, another look at the visitor stats. Not a big change but the numbers are up for the most part. Pageloads grew from 76 to 83 on a daily average basis. Unique visitors are essentially unchanged and first time visitors is down slightly but returning visitors is up. I take the most encouragement from the returning visitors. Those are readers that find value in the information and return. Returning visitors have overcome the loss from last month and a little more.

These stats are reassuring but don’t give me help so far as changes go. I will take them as reassurance that what I am doing is at least ok and continue the same level of activity and time commitment. One other frustration is that so far Google hasn’t deigned to rank my blog. I don’t know their criteria but since it is an accepted acknowledgement of blog success, I keep looking for it to change. I remain a PR 0. I am not whining at this point but from now on it will be part of my status report each month. My Alexa rank at the end of October was 949,466. If I remember, it was slightly higher last month. By including the rank, I will have a better understanding of my progress for November.

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