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It seemed like a good idea to select a word or theme to frame a week’s worth of posts. For an analytical guy like me, it seemed perfect to create a system so I won’t have to think so much. It’s just that when actually doing it, things don’t fit as neatly as I hoped. And, of course, I started with the term ‘up’ which can be played in many ways. So I got through the week and it held together. This week is proving to be more of a challenge. I have been through more than ten themes backing up, dodging and weaving through, around and over post ideas, leaving my plan in disarray.

So now with a deadline and commitment to fill my blog with valuable content, it’s put up or shut up. Do I abandon my week old tradition of tying my posts to a weekly theme? Do I revert to higgledy-piggledy, scattershot posts or do I face up to the challenge and give my readers what they demand- intelligent insight, organized material and dogged persistence?

Well I think you know the answer. I am going to continue with my plan even if it makes no sense and the connections are forced. Many plans never produce results simply because their authors lose heart and jump ship at the first breakdown rather than sticking with the ship and sinking pushing onward to their destination.

So as we enter a new week, I fearlessly proclaim the theme for this week to be:


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