Satisfying Retirement

Change who you think you are.

Change who you think you are.

Rather than straining to write a new post today, I’ve got a better idea.  One man can’t cover all the relevant topics related to managing and enjoying what people who don’t know better call ‘those golden years’.  My focus right now is maintaining my health, traveling two months each year, keeping my three blogs moving and working on a new business development idea.  Those activities are a small part of the universe of issues of an aging lifestyle but they stretch my time and abilities to the limit.  I’d like to become a resource for people who seek a rich and active lifestyle as they age but there are limits to my experience and knowledge.

One of the best ways I can help readers to chart their own retirement course is to recommend and refer to other sites.   Satisfying Retirement, managed by Bob Lowrey is one of those sites.    He covers the range of topics likely to  be important in planning for retirement or keeping on course.  There is a link to Satisfying Retirement in the sidebar and I suggest that you check his content regularly.  Bob keeps current on statistics, new trends and can help you sort out what you need to know from trivia and hype.  He also urges you to think about how you want to live and to change your thinking if your lifestyle doesn’t match your wishes.

Retirement is a great time to become who you want to be and do what you always wanted to do.  It also is hard after 50 plus years to change.  There is a lot of inertia and often those arround you (friends and family) will be threatened if you change.  ‘For your own good’ they will try to talk you out of it.  They may mean well but if you don’t act on your dreams, you face a dull and limited old age.  Bob suggests that you rebrand yourself.  It’s what I am doing.  It’s what Bob has done.  It’s what I suggest you think about whenever you consider retirement.  You can be planning for the future.  You can be embarking or well along in the process.  Wherever you are, take a moment.  Read Bob’s post and ask yourself who you are.  If you fall short of your aspirations, you are a prime candidate for re-branding.


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