Reporting from France.

This won’t be a full post, more a quick note with an update on our travel status.  We are in France.  It is wondeful but different from our expectations.  We enjoy the off-season benefits of no crowds, easy parking and carefree driving (even as I adjust to a  stick  shift after many years away.  But we also miss the activity and bustle of the tourist season a little.

Entertainment at the Christmas Fair

Entertainment at the Christmas Fair

I have posted reflections on my other sites and pictures on my Facebook page.  France surprised us but not in unpleasant ways,  It seems I even manage to miss home, in the form of Starbucks.

Today we are visiting the town market- which is not in the historic fortress city – to prepare for Christmas  Day.  Christmas Day is always complicated because we never know what will be open.  We plan a quiet day at home with perhaps a walk  or  two  to check out Christmas festivities, maybe even a late night Mass on Christmas Eve.

The French are wonderful hosts.  They display none of the hostility I remember from my visit to Paris 40  years ago.  They don’t pretend to be anything but proud of  their nationality and don’t compromise for tourists but they are gracious and friendly hosts.  We can’t complain, except for the lack of coffee bars.

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