Persistence – The Down Side

Persistence has a down side.

Photo by Erica Marshall

There is no question that persistence is a requirement for success.  That is very clear to anyone who studies success and successful people. It is also very clear that persistence alone will not ensure sucess.  What is very unclear is how you know when to switch tactics.  When is the right time to try some different way to accomplish your goal.  I know that I am unqualifed to give any guidance.  But still I want to complete this weeks focus on persistence with a full scope of coverage.  Searching the web brought me to Steve Pavlina and a post on Persistence from 2005.
Steve begins by defining persistence:
Persistence is the ability to maintain action regardless of your feelings. You press on even when you feel like quitting.
But he continues to address when to stop persisting:  When should you give up?
In answer he cites his own experience and that of Bill Gates.
There is nothing I can add of value to his experience.  I suggest that you read Steve’s post and use it to guide you in judging when to persist and when to move on.

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