Lifestyle Design – Why Changing is so hard Part 3

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This is part 3 of a series.  If you missed either part 1 or part 2 you might want to read them first.

Pay Attention

I hope you are now persuaded that you have unlimited potential to lean and master new skills. I hope that you are now open to rethinking your life, discovering the lifestyle that you want and then developing a program to transform yourself into the person that lives that lifestyle. You don’t have any excuse. You can’t beg off on taking control of your life because you are a human being with free will and a mind that can grow and change. You aren’t a sheep, dependent on a sheepdog for direction.  You are a human being with free will.  The only obstacle is your belief that you can do it.

So get started.

Set some priorities. What part of your lifestyle is most important to you? Is it money? Is it your lack of social skills that keeps you isolated? Is it your physical condition and health that keeps you on the sideline when you want to be out and doing? You could start with your number one priority. Develop an exercize program; change you diet; make a budget. You could get started with a focused effort to change your life. Doing this will start you on a path of change and mastery of your life. But if you want to increase your changes of success and speed up the process, I suggest that you do two more things before you start:

  • find a coach
  • learn leadership principles.

It is not required.

You don’t need to do this. You can make changes on your own and along the way while changing yourself you will learn leadership. But a coach will help you grow faster.  A coach can help you stay on course and teach you to recognize and appreciate your progress. A coach can keep you focused and give encouragement when you need it. A coach can save you time. Leadership training will teach you about yourself and help you inspire and lead others while you learn to lead yourself. And when you are a leader, anything is possible.

So how do you start?

Books are a powerful tool for leadership training. You can learn success principlpes from proven leaders who are eager to share what they have learned. They can help you better understand yourself and those people who are close to you and serve as role models until you have that understanding yourself. You may be confused about the lifestyle you truly want until you master yourself. Learning leadership is a good way to take control of your life, When you grow yourself into a leader, you are ready to create the lifestyle you want. Making changes will no longer seem difficult because you understand and manage the process.

If you want to learn leadership and take control of your lifestyle, I suggest that you start by reading some books. Start with one of these five recommended books. Pick the one that relates to your biggest problem in life and read it. You will be on a path to changing yourself into a leader and leaders can do anything they set their minds to do.

Are you on the path to leadership mastery?

Are you using your current state as an excuse for accewpting a lifestyle you don’t like? Do you tolerate mediocre because you are afraid to embrace excellent? Any person can improve his abilities with dedicated work.


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  • Bill Murney August 24, 2011, 8:11 am

    Ralph, this is a timely post for me. I need my time to be occupied and I have got myself a coach on the correct way to ensure a lasting profitable business online selling physical products.

    I have always liked to see the money roll in and even though it’s no longer essential it’s the need to prove I can do it that is the motivation.

    So I have invested $97 and already it’s proved worth the money. I have found a micro niche that is a proven seller and I am at the stage of researching potential sources to import from.

    As you say in the post the only obstacle is our belief that we can do it, whatever direction we take.

    Bill Murney’s last Blog Post ..Broken Britain?

    • Ralph August 24, 2011, 8:51 am

      Good for you. Break a few barriers! Make a few mistakes! Feel the exhilaration! Then share it. Be an inspiration.

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