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Much as I like electronic media for it’s easy access and inexhaustible resources, for me, it will never replace print. I read books and magazines and can’t imagine life without them. They are portable and readable in ways that will never be satisfied by a kindle or laptop. An example is Success magazine which I have been reading for a year or so. Sometimes an issue may not resonate but usually each is full of easily digestible chunks of wisdom and suggestions for deeper study.

The October 2009 issue is no exception. Inside you will fine a reprint from 1977 of an article by John E. Gibson with this insight that caught my eye.

Is the person who has a modest opinion of his own worth, but is actually more capable than he thinks, the most likely to succeed in whatever he undertakes?

No. Vocational studies at New York University show that the person who underrates his abilities has two strikes on him before he starts. He is inclined to accept jobs “where he does not think he will be adequate and where he actually will not tend to be adequate.” This vicious circle traps the person whose opinion of himself doesn’t match his abilities an makes it extremely difficult for him to succeed. Moral. Don’t sell yourself short in the self-esteem division.

If you need more motivation to seek out the issue, Serena Williams graces the cover. I recommend that everyone who is serious about stepping up their game read Success regularly.

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