Free your inner blogger with Blog Post Engineering

So you want to be a successful blogger?  But you can’t stand the technical crap?  And you think that you have to know everything?  Relax!  Relief is at hand.  Learn Blog Post Engineering and free your inner blogger? – Wait there’s more!

If you are a blogger – or an aspiring blogger – there is a lot of jargon, acronyms and gobbledegook that stands between you and writing. WordPress makes it easy to get started even before you know anything but soon enough it catches up with you. What the heck is SEO?  What do you mean I have to make google happy?  And who else? – spiders and bots? Oh my!  This may be fine for youngsters – gens x and y- but its enough to make a grown up cry.

So if you are a rank beginner unseasoned in the ways of the web, or even starting to feel competent, you need to meet Dave Doolin who can sling some serious shit about blogging but has dedicated the last year or so to making sense of the incomprehensible world of blogging to those of us who just want to do it right without having to be an expert. His website is full of information, advice and resources to get bloggers moving but now there is more. He has just produced a new version of his E-Book, Blog Post Engineering and it is genuinely new and improved.

I have been using his first edition for about six months now and it has given me purpose and confidence in managing the technical dimension of blogging. Dave never claims that his book will teach you to write and he also says that until you write high quality content, nothing else will matter. He does tell you that the more you write, the better you will get so write a lot and that is where his book really shines. Master Blog Post Engineering and the technicalities will take care of themselves. You stop worrying about stuff you don’t understand and focus on writing.  You can create quality content without worrying about SEO. Isn’t that what you want?

I recommend Blog Post Engineering and I use it to keep me sane.  Dave gives it to you straight.  He tells you what matters and what doesn’t.  He even tells you what might matter and if you really want to get into the down and dirty he will take you there – but only if that is what you really want.  Me – I just want somebody I trust telling me what is important and a simple way to do it.  No muss.  No fuss.  If you are like me, it will be well worth the investment in keeping you sane in all the craziness of the web.  The thing about BPE is that even if you are the anal compulsive, control freak who needs to know everything, BPE will get you on the right track.

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