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Digging Comedy

Getting comedy out of Digg turns out to be a non-trivial pursuit.  There is a lot of news about Comedy Central and TV series but nothing exploring what is comedy or how to do it.  Maybe I just have to dig deeper.

Well here is one that seems to match our definition of comedy as social commentary.  This woman hires a stripper to impersonate her at her high school reunion.  This hits close to home with me because the high school is the one my sons’ attended.  This women is near the age of my older son so he probably knows who she is.

And a science breakthrough from UCLA – of course.  Researchers identify the brain cells that are trggered by the Simpsons but don’t respond to Friends.

Now Digg tells me that it is just too busy to waste it’s time searching comedy for me so that’s all for this week.

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