Back in Action, continued

Many things have happened since my last post.  All are positive but complicated.

Recovery from my knee surgery has been great.  Knees are no longer a problem.  My frustration has been the back pain which persists and after many efforts to fix it is only now beginning to go away.  Bottom line:  my posture and alignment had become so bad that standing up straight made my back hurt.  Gym work had made my body stronger but only after adding a chiropractor to my support team am I having less pain.

I have embraced a new adventure in building a new house on eight acres in Texas.  The land was purchased last October after over a year researching  locations and resources.  The architect was hired and is currently studying the land for optimal siting of the new house.  Meanwhile my wife and I are preparing our current house for sale this summer to allow us to move to Texas while the construction proceeds.

Progress aside, both these projects are fully engaging and still have much to do.

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