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My Apologies

There hasn’t been much activity at Ralph Carlson Blog the past few months but it’s not because I’ve been lazy. As you can observe, Ralph Carlson Blog has shifted focus over time as I explore and refine my retirement lifestyle principles, objectives and mission. My retirement lifestyle passion is outrageous travel; living local and low profile while experiencing the delights of life in beautiful places and doing it on a limited budget.

My wife and I started eighteen months ago with a trip to Venice that changed our lives. Since then we have made two more trips (Buenos Aires and Rome) and are preparing to make a trip to Peru this December.

On the job in San Telmo, Buenos Aires

On the job in San Telmo, Buenos Aires

Travel is never cheap but we have learned how to have a great trip and still keep the costs within our budget. We don’t go on tours. We don’t go on cruises. We use Frequent Flier Miles for travel. Whenever possible we rent apartments with enough space to spread out, cook meals and even take a day off from time to time. We spend one month in one place so that we have enough time to understand the places we visit. We love the experiences of our outrageous travel lifestyle and so we have decided to share our knowledge and experience with people who think that travel is too expensive and tours are too constraining.

Introducing One Month Travel

We are launching a new website focusing on outrageous travel lifestyle- One Month Travel. This website will contain information and resources for retirees who long to make serious travel trips. The goal for One Month Travel is to remove any barriers keeping you from making serious travel part of your retirement lifestyle. One Month Travel will provide help with saving money on airfares, finding and evaluating apartment rentals and packing for a one month trip among other things. We will share the lessons we have learned from our trips and answer questions. We would love to build a community of outrageous retirement travelers sharing their excitement and experience with others through our blog and a forum. The structure of One Month Travel is still fluid but there will be a blog for providing current information, a resources page to lead readers to information, inspiration and mentors for specific issuers. We expect to launch in December.

If you like the idea of One Month Travel then I recommend that you do two things right now.

1. Sign up for the One Month Travel email list to receive information about the launch and special offers.

2. Leave a comment below with your impressions or questions about One Month Travel, retirement lifestyle design or our experiences.

Ralph Carlson Blog will continue to be the place where I post personal experience about my retirement lifestyle. If you like the personal side of outrageous travel and retirement lifestyle design then you will want to sign up for the Ralph Carlson Blog email list in the sidebar. During the creation and launch of One Month Travel, posting here at Ralph Carlson Blog will be light but I do expect to complete the ten lessons from Buenos Aires and some observations as we complete the planning for our Peru trip. If you have any questions about Peru or our other trips, leave a comment to let me know.



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  • Bob | HayleStorm Interactive September 25, 2013, 5:58 am

    Hi Ralph…been a while since I was here at RCB. Man, your outrageous retirement ideas (and “voice”, by the way) have evolved…for the better!

    Keep it up…and I still think you folks oughtta try the tramp steamer expirience!…lol
    Bob | HayleStorm Interactive’s last Blog Post ..Google’s new keyword search tool, and what it means to webmasters

  • Ralph September 25, 2013, 7:49 am

    Bob, If only Doolan could see me now. I like the idea of a tramp steamer but I’m afraid by the time we get to our destination, our month would be up.

  • Orimarru Obat Herbal Murah Berkualitas October 26, 2013, 2:28 pm

    I hope you continue too. Of course

  • Tas Laptop November 12, 2013, 9:56 pm

    Oh Buenos Aires, i still remember the last time vacation there…
    Love your yellow shirt Bob 🙂
    Keep blogging!

    • Ralph November 18, 2013, 10:52 am

      I love Buenos Aires. Thanks for the encouragement. Stay tuned for Peru.

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