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English: A panorama of Mount Kilimanjaro. Pict...

English: A panorama of Mount Kilimanjaro. Picture taken in Moshi, Tanzania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s one thing to talk about outrageous retirement but actually living one requires action.  The specifics will vary for each individual but the principle is consistent.  Get out of your rut and do something.  I have discovered people who are doing just that through the miracle of  blogging.  These people inspire me and help me understand more fully that I need to step it up.

One example is Bill from the UK.  Bill has explored blogging and right now focuses on his guide book of walks in the countryside where he lives.  I’ll probably never have the opportunity to meet Bill or take one of his walks but it’s been my privilege to enjoy his wisdom and humor.

Bill is just back from the ‘hike’ of a lifetime with members of his family.  They climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.  He is posting reports about this trip on his walking blog.  Bill is no spring chicken but he still has it in him to push the envelop.  I was fascinated to read the first installment and I think that anyone following this blog will enjoy it too.  Click below to follow Bill’s adventure.

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with Bill and family

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