How to think about an outrageous retirement.

Let’s talk about outrageous

I was serious about baggage. There is a lot of stuff that we pick up going through life that seems important at the time, then becomes a part of our persona or our lifestyle so much that we forget it wasn’t always there. Most of the time people just accept and incorporate this stuff. It becomes so much a part of who we think we are that we (and everybody else) forgets the person underneath.

Don’t be limited by your past.

Let’s be charitable. Let’s assume that every bit of that baggage was useful and constructive at some point in our life. This is no doubt a lie but a convenient one since it is too late to go back and change anything. The question today is to identify the baggage, distinguish it from who you are or who you want to be and if it doesn’t add value drop it.

But I don’t have any baggage.

Maybe you are confused at this point because you think you don’t have any baggage. You are a 100 percent certified real person with no baggage.. Well all this says is that you have been very effective in making that baggage yours.

Look at your house

Let’s look at examples. How do you live? Where do you live? Why do you live there? There are many reasons to choose a house, a neighborhood, a city, a state, even a country. Are the reasons that made you live where and how you live still valid? Usually we live in a region because it is where we have a job. Income is a driver in deciding where we live and how much house we can afford. If we have kids, we want to live where the schools are good and where we think they will find friends and a good environment. That was then. This is now.

Does it fit your retirement lifestyle dream?

Is the house where you live still serving you well? If you still live in the house that made sense while you worked and raised a family, it may be baggage. If keeping your house prevents you from being where you want to be and doing what you want to do, it is baggage.

Back to outrageous.

Outrageous is not doing odd things like dying your hair blue. Out outrageous is something as simple as finding out who you are and what is really important right now and then dropping all the things that prevent you from being that person. We are right back at lifestyle design. Don’t live your retirement in the way you lived an earlier role -unless it still makes sense. Start being outrageous by questioning how you are living your retirement. Don’t let the momentum and the baggage that you carried earlier become a burden and a barrier to being and doing what you want. Open yourself up to lifestyle design and create the retirement lifestyle that you want,

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