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What is success to you? Who among the people you know are successful? What did they do to become successful? Most people never ask themselves those powerful questions or assume that success comes from luck and not hard work. We all start our life adventures with dreams of success.

Most of. us finish without making those dreams reality. The excuse we fall back on is luck is luck. It excuses failure. The truth is that we don’t know how to succeed.Success is the result of hard work and strategic thinking. Luck is winning the lottery. Success is winning the lottery and still having the fortune 5 years later. Success is a mindset and a worldview. Like a house, your life will be better when it is built from a plan and the start for that plan is a clear vision of the successful life you want. Know what is important to you. It could be money. It could be friends. It could be family. It could be career. Visualize the life that you will live and think about what you need to know for that life. With the vision in your head make a plan to accomplish your vision.

You can take charge of your success at any point in your life. Starting when you are young is ideal because success is never instant. You can start any time, however. You have to change your thinking and let go of old habit. You have to know what you want, make a plan to get it and then follow that plan faithfully over the long run.

If you are drifting through life, accepting what happens and hoping for some lucky break then you won’t achieve success. You can settle for that life has given you or you can take control. You can make that break at any time. Whatever you want in life; however you define success, it only takes a decision to change your life. Don’t fool yourself that success is a random event. Success is the result of a carefully planned champagne. Don’t underestimate the power of your will to control your life by believing in luck. Make a plan for your life and become the success you deserve to be.

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