Bad Poetry

Here you can find poetry written to arouse my writing muse. I don’t promise that it will be good. I just can’t bear to throw it away.  First the haiku.

My Office

Evidence of work

office clutter, stacks of bills

It’s time to clean house.

Writers Block

Dead-end thoughts fall lost

orphaned ideas cry out

then whimper softly


Hollow metaphors

empty words fill small talk

with no risk chatter

Then some limericks.

Bob’s Hike

While hiking the mounts of Sierra

Bob worried ’bout meeting a beara

Some scat he did find

Of the bearishus kind

But no beara were there in Sierra

Rick’s Tale

Rick’s physique was so buff and good lookin’

That the chicks would compete with their cookin’

As he ate they all swooned

’till his belly ballooned

And they left sumo Rick all forsooken.

Blogger Jack

There once was a blogger named Jack

Whose writing was loaded with drack

His intelligence was shorte

For cliches were his forte

SEO kept Jack’s jack in the black.

And now some Cantankerous Haiku from the Cantankerous Old Coots.

Haiku Number 1

Snowy mountain tops

Spring flowers blooming riot


Haiku Number 2

Spring ran-soaked ground

Undermines peaceful homestead

Sweet gum tree attacks

Haiku Number 3

Boring, routine day

Take the road less traveled

Be cantankerous

Haiku Number 4

Kid cacophony

Stay at home dad conundrum

Sound the kettlebell!

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