On the job in San Telmo, Buenos Aires

On the job in San Telmo, Buenos Aires

I am not a baby boomer. I was born 3 months before Pearl Harbor marking my parents decision that the depression was over and that it was time to build their family. All through life I have been ahead of the boomer bulge, breaking trail and leading the way through school, career and now retirement. My experiences and results are much like those of the boomers. It is just that I am ahead of them on the path. As I transition from employee to entrepreneur I continue to lead baby boomers.

I bought into the same promises as boomers. I got my education. I looked for a good job with benefits. I worked hard. These three actions were supposed to seal the deal. My employer would appreciate my efforts and provide a secure and comfortable retirement. What I found was that employers were unable or unwilling to hold up their end of the deal. Looking back, it is clear that I should have questioned the assumptions. Why was I so eager to give control of my life away? I can’t give an answer. Right now I deal with the consequences of that decision. I need more income in order to live the retirement lifestyle I want.

My mission is to become a master lifestyle designer. Determining how I want to live and finding new streams of income not at an employee but as an entrepreneur that will support that lifestyle. I am exploring other options, finding new opportunities and learning to think differently and then to help others with the same mission.

There are incredible opportunities for business that have opened up because of the web. It isn’t easy to learn the necessary skills or to change your perspective from an employee to a business owners, but the benefits are easy to see. I am on the way to building a secure retirement with the kind of income I want using the internet.

Doing this at an age when many people long to do nothing may make me look ridiculous to some. To me it gives fulfillment and pleasure with each new skill I learn and obstacle I jump. Because so many baby boomers are just discovering the broken retirement promise and finding that the income and satisfaction that they wanted at the end of their careers just didn’t happen, I hope that my example will encourage baby boomers to look for new opportunities and change their retirement from marginal to great.

At Ralph Carlson Blog, I will post about my adventure and .the lessons I have learned. I will also reflect on some of the great memories I have from my life experience. I hope that you will enjoy them too. But mainly I hope that my example will encourage baby boomers to embrace the new opportunities to make their lives richer and more comfortable. My motto is ‘ Finishing Strong’. I hope it will be yours too.